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Is Online Chatting Cheating? How To Know If You Are Crossing A Line

When it comes to chatting online, it can get a little bit confusing, especially when it comes to cyber sex. Where is the line drawn? When does chatting become something more that could possibly be equated to infidelity? When should I stop cruising dating sites? These are questions that I have had to ask myself many times, and there does not always seem to be a clear cut answer. I have been in a relationship for some time now, but I still have the habit of chatting online and even the occasional cyber sex might come my way. Quite often, I justify this to myself by saying it’s not like I am having real sexual encounters with people. It’s just a little bit of harmless chatting online. Unfortunately, not all people feel the same, and different people have different boundaries that they try to uphold. I enjoy my time online, but I also enjoy my time with my partner, and because of this, I have had to try and negotiate what is appropriate and what is inappropriate when you are in a committed relationship.

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How Chatting Online Started with Dating Sites

Before I was in a committed relationship, I spent a lot of time searching through dating sites to find a partner. I enjoyed browsing profiles and talking to people about their sexual preferences and experiences. I found it exciting and it opened my mind to the broad range of sexual stances that are out there in the world. This did not always lead to cyber sex or sexual encounter, but there was definitely a lot of chatting online, and it was definitely fun. One of my favorite dating websites is HookupCloud, which always had a ton of interesting people on it. If you are actually wondering “Is HookupCloud.com Good?”, check out this Hookup Dating Site Review and you will see what I am talking about. I had a great time on this site, as well as a bunch of other dating sites, but when I did eventually find a more serious relationship, I still found that I was missing chatting online with people about sex and dating. Although I stopped for a bit, I eventually found myself returning to these dating sites and looking for people to chat with about everything from sexual positions to turn offs.

Chatting Online is Not the Same as Sexual Encounters

Once I had realized that I had returned to my old ways of chatting online, even though I was in a more serious relationship, I began to feel guilty for what I was doing. I knew that I needed to consider what was appropriate and what should be off limits within my relationship. Of course, this was a very awkward conversation to have with my partner, so I knew that I wanted to be well prepared before I said anything that might ruin the special relationship that we have. One thing that I knew is that even cyber sex is not the same as a real sexual encounter. Although there is another person on the other side of the chat room, we were never making any real sexual contact and a lot of the chat was either imagination or hypothetical situations. Despite any of the steamy conversations that I have had while chatting online, I still knew where my loyalty and heart stood. However, what I didn’t know was if I had crossed the line in my partner’s opinion. After all, I would not want to hurt her feelings, and doesn’t her opinion count for what is to be considered crossing the line?

An Awkward Conversation about Chatting Online

Well, eventually the point came when I decided that I needed to talk with my partner about my chatting online. I was quite nervous about the whole thing, and I was truly afraid that I was about to ruin my relationship. Despite my concerns, it turned out that the conversation was a lot more reasonable than I had expected. She was very understanding and even admitted that she enjoyed chatting online too. Through our talks, what I came to realize is that every person has different expectations for a relationship, and that determining where the line is comes down to a conversation and negotiation between everyone involved. You can’t always be sure what the other person thinks without asking them, so it is really important to sit down and hash things out. This probably saved my relationship, and now I know that I do not need to be worried about harmless chatting online. However, a real sexual encounter will be quite the different story.

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