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A General Look At Casual Dating Rules

sexual funSexual Fun

With women historically known to reject the sexual advances of men over and over again, many single men all around the world have wondered what sort of thought or emotional pattern orbits around a woman’s desire to have sex. Women’s minds are programmed far differently from ours, after all, so all we can do is formulate loose guesses as to their perspective on any given topic. However, it’s quite clear for a lot of reasons that women love to have sex, and in some cases they might desire sex even more than men do. Although we, as men, have no definitive answers on female psychology, we do have a few thoughts on a woman’s sexual appetite.

Everyone wants some sexual fun

One thing that all adult humans have in common is the strong urge to have a bit of sexual fun. Once in awhile, some good sex is all we need to make us happy. Women are certainly not exempt from this — in fact, some people theorize that women have stronger sexual appetites than men. We think that this is difficult to determine one way or the other, but we are definitely open to the possibility. In fact, we think that most men will agree with us when we say that women, especially women in casual relationships, tend to exhibit a surprisingly ferocious sexual appetite once they get close enough to their sexual partner. In the end, everyone wants to have some fun in a sexual way, and we certainly include women in that.

They have the evolutionary desire to continue the species

Even though we think our carnal sexual desire is rooted in our libido, the truth is that our desire for sex goes far deeper than that. In evolutionary terms, our only purpose in this world is to continue the species via reproduction, and our sexual organs are merely tools given to use to fulfill that function. So, women have an evolutionary desire to continue their species as the most fundamental reason for why they have sex. Men have this quality as well, although women experience it on a far more intimate level, since they’re the ones meant to bring new members of our species into existence.

They’re entertained by man’s various dating tactics

As men, it’s almost impossible for us to imagine what it’s like to be a single woman playing the dating game. All that we know is our requirement to initiate the contact with female strangers, and try to charm them into letting us sleep with them. Women, on the other hand, are the ones receiving all of these approaches. Once she reaches a certain age, a woman has literally seen every single dating tactic that a man can pull out, and she has her favorites among them that entertain her the most. Little do you know that your specific approach technique was probably the basis of a running gag between the woman you were attempting to flirt with and her friends. Although women poke a lot of fun at men’s efforts in the dating game, they ultimately love playing it, and they love the sex that it leads up to.

Humans want to experience wild nights

In adulthood, humans develop a strong urge to experience wild nights, so that they can truly be acquainted with the feeling of being alive. Being single and engaging in some hot sex with a cool stranger for the night is a truly exciting experience that can really brighten up a person’s entire week. Women, like men, want to experience wild, sweaty nights, so that they have fond memories to look back on. Nobody wants to reach old age and think back on everything that could have been if they would have just taken the leap into uncharted territory.

Reproduction is the bottom line

At the end of the day, women want to reproduce. Again, so do men (at a fundamental level), but we can not imagine what it’s like for a woman to feel a carnal, natural desire to bear a child. Not every woman engaging in a sexual relationship is doing so with the intent to have children, but at the biological root of every sexual encounter, there is the simple desire to start a family. Reproduction is the bottom line of sex, and it’s the bottom line of a woman’s desire for sex. That being said, reproduction can be a little grim as a topic, especially when it comes to a casual, no strings attached sexual relationship. More often than not, on the surface anyway, women just want to have a fun sexual time, and it’s your duty as a man to oblige them.

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