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4 Must Have Google Travel Apps For Android

Travel Apps for Google Android

Travel Apps for Google AndroidSearch giant Google has been expanding its operations each year with new ventures and one of the latest is Google travel apps for Android. These apps are developed to make life a lot simpler for travelers around the country and on other continents. They are still undergoing many improvements and coming updates will make great use of their capacity, but loading the apps on your phone early will have you loving them in a short time!

Google Earth

Google Earth: If you’re sitting at home, then Google Earth is best used for looking up an aerial view of your surroundings. But with the addition of street view, it can become a valuable app to explore when you’re traveling. The interface of the app is delightful and it can give you an overview of your location. It also displays geo-tagged photos and interesting Wikipedia articles, meaning you have your tour guide sitting in the palm of your hand.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map: For the inteprid travelers, this is a simple but interesting app to have on hand. If you’re in the country or even in the city, you can see the stars through it. All you have to do is point it towards the sky and the phone’s in-built GPS, compass, accelerometer and clock will show you the stars and constellations hidden behind the clouds. For the pure fun of using this, it is a must have Google travel apps for Android.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles: Image recognition technology has come a long way and Google is going the extra mile to take advantage of it. Utilizing the phone camera, this app tries to give you information and searches from the internet about the photo that you click. As of now, the app has been tried and tested on books and pieces of art, where it works effectively and gives travelers what they need. But further updates may see the app being able to identify landmarks and place of interest as well. A simple but useful Google travel apps for Android.

Google Translate

Google Translate: Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if you could translate your words in real time while on a trip? Google is attempting to make this dream come true with the help of Google Translate app. As of now, it instantly translates text for users but a new feature has seen real time translation of spoken words as well. So far, the app only supports English and Spanish. But the promise of updates makes this app a must have Google travel apps for Android.

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